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All products you see here on are distributed by AJ Warner. Here are a few words from AJ explaining why his products are the best on the market:

I have been working within the poultry industry for eight years, covering a wide range of tasks. Also I previously worked in farming agriculture for fourteen years before starting work in poultry.

I work with and supply some of the largest poultry growers down to the small private ones.

My work is mainly for regular customers throughout the UK, but we are always looking to help any new customers.

I have installed miles of nipple drinkers, some of the best on the market, working with this product has given me lots of practical experience about nipple drinkers, and all that goes with it.

Working in the game industry with drinkers and equipment, I have a good understanding of customer requirements. All of the products that are listed in my website is regularly used by us and tested so we know that it is some of the best equipment you can buy.

We are here to help you, not just sell, if you would like any help or advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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